Room Air Conditioner Cut-to-Fit Accordian Filler Panel Set

Cut-to-fit accordion filler panel set 5304464991 is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part that fits window air conditioners.Accordion filler panel set 5304464991 attaches to the accordion filler frame and extends to fill the space left open between the cabinet and window frame.The cut-to-fit accordion filler replaces part numbers 5304437055 and 5304476524.Fits Kenmore models starting with 25370051 and 25379081; also fits Crosley models starting with CAE8ESRR and CAE8MR41; and Frigidaire models starting with CRA065AT, CRA074AT, CRA083AT, CRA086AT, CRA087AT, FAA051N7, FAA052N7, FAA053P7, FAA055N7, FAA055P7, FAA060P7, FAA063P7, FAA064N7, FAA064P7, FAA065N7, FAA065P7, FAA067P7, FAA082P7, FAA083P7, FAA084P7, FAA085P7, FAA086P7, FAA087P7, FRA054AT, FRA063AT, FRA064AT, FRA065AT, FRA082AT, FRA083AT, FRA085AT, FRA086AT, LRA067AT, LRA074AT and LRA087AT.Follow the instructions your owner’s manual or included with the set when installing this part.