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Ice Maker Drain Hose

This manufacturer-approved drain hose (part number WP2185989) is for ice makers.Drain hose WP2185989 carries drain water from the ice maker to an external drain.Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual for installing

Dishwasher Upper Spray Arm Manifold

This manufacturer-approved upper spray arm manifold (part number WPW10323195) is for dishwashers.Upper spray arm manifold WPW10323195 holds the upper spray arm and supplies water to the upper spray arm.Wear work gloves to

Washer Water Level Pressure Switch Hose

This manufacturer-approved water level pressure switch hose (part number WP22001619) is for washers.Water level pressure switch hose WP22001619 connects to the bottom of the tub and applies air pressure to the water

Dishwasher Turbidity Sensor

This manufacturer-approved turbidity sensor (part number WPW10120019) is for dishwashers.Turbidity sensor WPW10120019 detects soil level in the water and sends the information to the control board.Unplug the dishwasher or shut off the

Refrigerator Deli Drawer

This manufacturer-approved deli drawer (part number WPW10149981) is for refrigerators.Deli drawer WPW10149981 holds meats, vegetables and snacks in the fresh food compartment of the refrigerator.Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual when

Dishwasher Pump Impeller Seal

This manufacturer-approved pump impeller seal (part number WP3385557) is for dishwashers.Pump impeller seal WP3385557 prevents water leaking between the impeller and the pump housing.Shut off the house circuit breaker for the dishwasher

Cooktop Element, Left Front

This manufacturer-approved element (part number WP8285846) is for cooktops.Element WP8285846 supplies the heat to a cooking area on the cooktop.Unplug the cooktop before installing this part.

Stand Mixer Glass Bowl, 5-qt

This manufacturer-approved bowl (part number WPW10154769) is for stand mixers.Bowl WPW10154769 fits onto the base of the stand mixer and holds the ingredients being mixed.Follow the instructions in the manual when installing

Ice Maker Display Transformer

This manufacturer-approved display transformer (part number WP2310139) is for ice makers.Display transformer WP2310139 produces the electricity to light the display.Disconnect the power before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your


This manufacturer-approved auger motor cover (part number WP2256154) is for refrigerators.Auger motor cover WP2256154 covers and protects the auger motor.Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.

Range Oven Meat Probe Sensor

This manufacturer-approved oven meat probe sensor (part number WP7430P038-60) is for ranges.Oven meat probe sensor WP7430P038-60 measures the internal temperature of meat during cooking.Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual for installing

Washer Drain Hose

This manufacturer-approved drain hose (part number WPW10363893) is for washers.Drain hose WPW10363893 carries water from the drain pump to the house drain.Shut off the water supply and unplug the washer before installing

Refrigerator Door Handle (Black)

This manufacturer-approved door handle (part number WP13004701B) is for refrigerators.Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual or installation manual when installing door handle WP13004701B.Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing

Cooktop Burner Seal

This manufacturer-approved burner seal (part number WP71001669) is for cooktops.Burner seal WP71001669 fits between the cooktop and the burner skirt, and prevents spills from leaking between the two.Wait until the surface is

Dryer Door Reversal Kit (Bisque)

This manufacturer-approved door reversal kit (part number WP8530071) is for dryers.Door reversal kit WP8530071 allows you to change the direction of the dryer door opening. The kit may include multiple parts; refer

Range Manifold Panel (White)

This manufacturer-approved manifold panel (part number WPW10488874) is for ranges.Manifold panel WPW10488874 covers the surface burner valves and marks the settings for the valve control knobs.Wear work gloves to protect your hands

Washer Lid Strike

This manufacturer-approved lid strike (part number WPW10239968) is for washers.Lid strike WPW10239968 attaches to the washer lid and activates the lid switch when the lid closes.Wear work gloves to protect your hands

Dryer Lint Duct

This manufacturer-approved lint duct (part number WP8544786) is for dryers.Lint duct WP8544786 directs airflow from the dryer drum to the lint filter housing.Unplug the dryer before installing this part. Wear work gloves

Refrigerator Ice Maker

This manufacturer-approved ice maker (part number WPW10190964) is for refrigerators.Ice maker WPW10190964 includes the ice mold and the control device. The ice maker receives water from the water inlet valve and then

Refrigerator Water Inlet Valve Assembly

This manufacturer-approved water inlet valve assembly (part number WP67003659) is for refrigerators.Water inlet valve assembly WP67003659 supplies water to the ice maker and water dispenser in the refrigerator.Safely store any food that