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Microwave High-Voltage Capacitor

This manufacturer-approved high-voltage capacitor (part number WP4375020) is for microwaves.High-voltage capacitor WP4375020 is an electronic device that holds a charge of electricity in the high-voltage circuit of the microwave.Because high-voltage capacitors in

Lawn Tractor Muffler Guard

This manufacturer-approved muffler guard (part number 683-04549C-0637) is for lawn tractors.Muffler guard 683-04549C-0637 covers and protects the engine muffler.Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.

Refrigerator Toe Grille

This manufacturer-approved toe grille (part number WP10474806) is for refrigerators.Toe grille WP10474806 attaches across the bottom of the refrigerator and allows air to flow into the machine compartment to cool the condenser.Wear

Rear Cover

This manufacturer-approved lift-off floor brush rear cover (part number KC29WDDUZV06) is for vacuums.Lift-off floor brush rear cover KC29WDDUZV06 houses the connection cord and protects the nozzle support on the lift-off floor brush.Unplug

Vacuum Dust Bin Handle

This manufacturer-approved dust bin handle (part number KC64BCHDZV07) is for vacuums.Dust bin handle KC64BCHDZV07 attaches to the dust bin to allow you to pull the dust bin out of the vacuum.Unplug the

Refrigerator Egg Bin

This manufacturer-approved egg bin (part number 00677093) is for refrigerators.Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual when installing this part.

Refrigerator Temperature Control Knob

This manufacturer-approved temperature control knob (part number WP61006073) is for refrigerators.Temperature control knob WP61006073 attaches to the control thermostat to set the control for the desired temperature setting.Safely store any food that

Washer Timer Knob

This manufacturer-approved timer knob (part number WP34844) is for washers.Timer knob WP34844 lets you choose the wash cycle.Unplug the washer before installing this part.

Refrigerator Condenser Fan Motor

This manufacturer-approved condenser fan motor (part number WP61005323) is for refrigerators.Condenser fan motor WP61005323 turns the condenser fan blade to move air across the condenser coil.Unplug the refrigerator and safely store any

Vacuum Handle Assembly

This manufacturer-approved handle assembly (part number KC93BDHHZV07) is for vacuums.Handle assembly KC93BDHHZV07 may include multiple parts; refer to your parts diagram for a complete list of parts included.Unplug the vacuum before installing

Vacuum Dust Compartment Cover

This manufacturer-approved dust compartment cover (part number KC60KDKNZP0D) is for vacuums.Dust compartment cover KC60KDKNZP0D fits over and covers the dust compartment of the vacuum.Unplug the vacuum before installing this part. Wear work

Refrigerator Door Mullion Cover

This manufacturer-approved door mullion cover (part number WP2307938) is for refrigerators.Door mullion cover WP2307938 attaches to flipper seal on a French door refrigerator and aids in sealing the door to the cabinet.Safely

Carpet Cleaner Screw

This manufacturer-approved screw (part number 21447246) is for carpet cleaners.>Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.

Vacuum Handle Release Pedal

This manufacturer-approved handle release pedal (part number KC47AGJ3V06) is for vacuums.Handle release pedal KC47AGJ3V06 releases the handle from the upright, locked position.Unplug the vacuum before installing this part. Wear work gloves to

Range Main Top (White)

This manufacturer-approved cooktop assembly (part number 318018536) is for ranges, including Kenmore range model 79032392400.Unplug the range before installing the cooktop assembly.

Refrigerator Evaporator

This manufacturer-approved evaporator (part number WP2263919) is for refrigerators.Evaporator WP2263919 is the heat exchanger that cools the refrigerator.A service technician should do this repair because it involves recovering and recharging refrigerant in

Wall Oven Microwave Door Outer Panel

This manufacturer-approved microwave door outer panel (part number WPW10176988) is for wall ovens.Microwave door outer panel WPW10176988 is the exterior part of the microwave door and attaches to the door choke and

Dryer Terminal Block Washer

This manufacturer-approved terminal block washer (part number WP311093) is for dryers.Follow appropriate safety practices when installing terminal block washer WP311093.

Range Oven Door Hinge

This manufacturer-approved oven door hinge (part number WP9782033) is for ranges.Oven door hinge WP9782033 attaches the left or right side of the door. The hinges on an oven door control the rate

Lawn Tractor Ground Drive Belt

This manufacturer-approved ground drive belt (part number 539120806) is for lawn tractors.Ground drive belt 539120806 connects the engine crankshaft pulley to the transmission pulley.Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing