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Refrigerator Door Hinge Cover

This manufacturer-approved door hinge cover (part number WP12561901B) is for refrigerators.Door hinge cover WP12561901B protects the hinge and covers door wires, if any.Safely store any food that could deteriorate while the power

Range Hood Grease Filter

This manufacturer-approved grease filter (part number WPW10281491) is for range hoods.Grease filter WPW10281491 traps grease from the exhaust air.Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual when installing this part.

Cooktop Downdraft Vent Fan Control Switch

This manufacturer-approved downdraft vent fan control switch (part number WPY0316913) is for cooktops.Downdraft vent fan control switch WPY0316913 activates and controls the speed of the downdraft fan motor in the cooktop.Shut off

Vacuum Secondary Filter

This manufacturer-approved secondary filter (part number KC38KDWAZ000) is for vacuums.Secondary filter KC38KDWAZ000 removes dust and dirt particles from the air that flows through the motor chamber.Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual

Range Surface Burner Igniter

This manufacturer-approved surface burner igniter (part number WP74004482) is for ranges.Surface burner igniter WP74004482 produces the spark that lights the surface burner.Unplug the range and shut off the gas supply before installing

Laundry Center Timer

This manufacturer-approved laundry center timer (part number WP33002109) is for laundry centers.Timer WP33002109 controls the electrical components and the duration of the laundry center cycles.Unplug the laundry center and shut off the

Refrigerator Control Box and Air Duct Service Kit

This manufacturer-approved control box and air duct service kit (part number WR49X10273) is for refrigerators.Control box and air duct service kit WR49X10273 houses the temperature controls, and includes the air duct between

Dishwasher Door Handle Stud

This manufacturer-approved door handle stud (part number WP8564951) is for dishwashers.Door handle stud WP8564951 attaches the door handle to the door.Disconnect the power supply or unplug the dishwasher before installing this part.

Vacuum HEPA Filter

This manufacturer-approved HEPA filter (part number KC38KDSPZR0W) is for vacuums.HEPA filter KC38KDSPZR0W traps dust and debris from the air flowing through the vacuum.Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual when installing this

Dishwasher Door Outer Panel

This manufacturer-approved door outer panel (part number WPW10195873) is for dishwashers.Door outer panel WPW10195873 protects the wiring and components inside the dishwasher door and provides a decorative finish for the front of

Range Broil Pan

This manufacturer-approved broil pan (part number WP3196076) is for ranges.Broil pan WP3196076 catches drippings from broiling foods.Allow the range to cool before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

Accumulair Gold Air Filter, 12 x 36 x 1, 12-pack

The Accumulair Gold air filter is made with electrostatically charged filter media that captures airborne allergens smaller than 1 micron, including pollen, lint, smoke, dust mites, fine dust, mold and pet dander.

PCB Assembly

This manufacturer-approved electronic circuit board (part number KC88GDHHZ000) is for vacuums.Electronic circuit board KC88GDHHZ000 connects electrical components of the vacuum.Unplug the vacuum before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your

Range High-Limit Thermostat

This manufacturer-approved high-limit thermostat (part number WP4450934) is for ranges.High-limit thermostat WP4450934 trips when the controls aren’t working properly and the temperature in the range gets too hot.Unplug the range or shut

Dishwasher Fill Hose

This manufacturer-approved fill hose (part number WP9742727) is for dishwashers.Fill hose WP9742727 connects the dishwasher to the house water supply.Shut off the water supply and disconnect power to the dishwasher before installing

Range Control Panel End Cap, Left

This manufacturer-approved control panel end cap (part number WP315843B) is for ranges.Control panel end cap WP315843B covers and protects the side edges of the control panel.Disconnect the power before installing this part.

Dishwasher Toe Panel Insulation

This manufacturer-approved toe panel insulation (part number WP6-920587) is for dishwashers.Toe panel insulation WP6-920587 covers and protects the bottom front of the dishwasher behind the toe panel.Unplug the dishwasher and shut off

Range Sealed Surface Burner (Gray)

This manufacturer-approved sealed surface burner (part number WP3412D021-26) is for ranges.Sealed surface burner WP3412D021-26 is the heat source for an area on the cooktop.Disconnect the power cord and shut off the gas

Dryer Door Outer Frame

This manufacturer-approved door outer frame (part number WP8565110) is for dryers.Door outer frame WP8565110 is the exterior portion of the dryer door that holds the exterior door glass and attaches to the

Dishwasher Water Feed Tube

This manufacturer-approved water feed tube (part number WPW10077863) is for dishwashers.Water feed tube WPW10077863 carries water up the back of the tub to the upper spray arm.Wear work gloves to protect your