Lawn & Garden Equipment Engine Huayi 170J & 170JA Carburetor

Special details: Before ordering carburetor 951-14028A, please read the detailed information below to ensure the part number is correct for the calibration code on your carburetor.This carburetor (part number 951-14028A) is for lawn and garden equipment engines.Carburetor 951-14028A replaces Huayi carburetors with calibration code 170J and 170JA. If your original carburetor doesn’t match the supplier and/or code, use this chart to find the correct part number.The carburetor supplier name (Huayi or Deni) is stamped into the carburetor body, usually opposite the fuel inlet. The calibration code is the center series of numbers printed on the carburetor (starting with the 8th digit), and is sometimes also stamped into the carburetor body.Carburetor 951-14028A doesn’t include the mounting gasket. Order the gasket or gasket kit listed for your model number separately.Let the engine cool and drain the fuel tank before installing this part. Work in a well-ventilated area and wear work gloves to protect your hands.