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Range Surface Burner Cap (Coal Black)

This manufacturer-approved surface burner cap (part number WP9761563CB) is for ranges.Surface burner cap WP9761563CB fits on top of the burner head. The burner cap protects the burner head from spills and helps

Wall Oven Control Panel (White)

This manufacturer-approved control panel (part number WP8302849) is for wall ovens.Control panel WP8302849 houses the selection buttons and display components for the oven.Shut off the house circuit breaker or unplug the oven

Stand Mixer Bowl, Glass, 6-qt

This manufacturer-approved bowl (part number WPW10532186) is for stand mixers.Bowl WPW10532186 fits onto the base of the stand mixer and holds the ingredients being mixed.Follow the instructions in the manual when installing

Dryer Control Panel

This manufacturer-approved control panel (part number WPW10446445) is for dryers.Control panel WPW10446445 houses the selection buttons and display for the dryer.Disconnect the power before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect

Washer User Interface

This manufacturer-approved user interface control board (part number WPW10426809) is for washers.User interface control board WPW10426809 manages the washer’s functions, such as filling, washing, draining and spinning.Unplug the washer before installing this

Vacuum Exhaust Filter

This manufacturer-approved exhaust filter (part number KC38KDXFZU00) is for vacuums.Exhaust filter KC38KDXFZU00 removes dust and debris from the exhaust air that blows from the vacuum cleaner.Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual

Range Burner Control Bezel

Choose this manufacturer-approved knob bezel for your electric/gas range.This knob bezel for an electric/gas range is one of three that sit behind the control knobs so cooks can adjust the burners’ flames.When

Range Spill Tray Trim Strip

This manufacturer-approved spill tray trim strip (part number 00369946) is for ranges.Spill tray trim strip 00369946 connects the burner and griddle spill trays on the cooking surface. It also provides a decorative

Power Tool Carbon Brush

This manufacturer-approved carbon motor brush (part number 968173-001) is for power tools.

Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose

This manufacturer-approved exhaust hose (part number 201125000137) is for portable air conditioners.Exhaust hose 201125000137 is used to vent the hot condenser air away from the room being cooled.Follow the instructions in the

Refrigerator Machine Compartment Grille

This manufacturer-approved machine compartment grille (part number WP2316738S) is for refrigerators.Machine compartment grille WP2316738S attaches across the top of the refrigerator and allows air to flow into the machine compartment to cool

Vacuum PowerMate Base Plate

This manufacturer-approved PowerMate base plate (part number KC03RDGU2V0X) is for vacuums.PowerMate base plate KC03RDGU2V0X covers and protects the bottom surface of the PowerMate. It houses the components of the PowerMate, including the

Range Sealed Surface Burner

This manufacturer-approved sealed surface burner (part number 5303935025) is for ranges.Sealed surface burner 5303935025 is the heat source for an area on the cooktop.Disconnect the power cord and shut off the gas

Range Surface Burner Cap

This manufacturer-approved surface burner cap (part number WP8273344) is for ranges.Surface burner cap WP8273344 fits on top of the burner head. The burner cap protects the burner head from spills and helps

Dryer Bulkhead

This manufacturer-approved bulkhead (part number WPW10250634) is for dryers.Bulkhead WPW10250634 supports the dryer drum.Disconnect the power before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

Range Membrane Switch

This manufacturer-approved membrane switch (part number WP9756706) is for ranges.Membrane switch WP9756706 is a keypad you use to select temperature and other functions.Unplug the range or shut off the house circuit breaker

Television Printed Circuit Board

This manufacturer-approved printed circuit board (part number EBR66607501) is for televisions.Printed circuit board EBR66607501 is part of the circuit that creates the televisions audio or visual display.Because the television contains capacitors that

Refrigerator Drawer Slide Rail

This manufacturer-approved drawer slide rail (part number 449707) is for refrigerators.Drawer slide rail 449707 attaches horizontally to the wall inside the refrigerator and supports the drawer as it slides in and out.Wear

Line Trimmer Spool Assembly

This manufacturer-approved spool assembly (part number 310917001) is for line trimmers.Spool assembly 310917001 includes the spool and line. It fits inside the cutting head to cut grass and weeds.Wear work gloves to

Room Air Conditioner Display Board

This manufacturer-approved display board (part number 6871A20167D) is for room air conditioners.Display board 6871A20167D displays the selections chosen for operation such as fan speed and operation mode.Unplug the room air conditioner before