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Category Archives: Lawn and Garden

Line Trimmer Throttle Housing, Right

This manufacturer-approved throttle housing (part number 530057582) is for line trimmers.Throttle housing 530057582 houses the throttle control components.Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.

Lawn Tractor Mandrel Pulley

This manufacturer-approved mandrel pulley (part number 024526MA) is for lawn tractors.Mandrel pulley 024526MA spins the blade on the mower deck of the tractor.Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this

Lawn Tractor Lawn Sweeper Attachment Brush

This manufacturer-approved brush (part number 47487) is for lawn sweepers.Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual for installing and using this part.

Lawn Mower Ignition Key

This manufacturer-approved ignition key (part number 532180331) is for lawn mowers.Ignition key 532180331 turns the ignition switch to start the lawn mower.

Lawn Tractor Bagger Attachment Deck Baffle

This manufacturer-approved deck baffle (part number 703-05783-0637) is for lawn tractor bagger attachments.Deck baffle 703-05783-0637 attaches under the mower deck and directs grass clippings towards the bagger chute.Wear work gloves to protect

Pressure Washer Pump Saver

This manufacturer-approved pump saver (part number 6151) is for pressure washers.Pump saver 6151 protects the seals and pistons when storing the pressure washer for more than 30 days.Follow the instructions on the

Lawn & Garden Equipment Engine Piston Pin

This manufacturer-approved piston pin (part number 690229) is for lawn and garden equipment engines.Piston pin 690229 connects the piston to the connecting rod.Wait until the engine is cool and disconnect the spark

Lawn Mower Transmission Assembly

This manufacturer-approved transmission assembly (part number 532430787) is for lawn mowers.Transmission assembly 532430787 rotates the drive axle to turn the wheels and propel the lawn mower forward.Wear work gloves to protect your

Edger Blade

This manufacturer-approved blade (part number 530095086) is for edgers.Blade 530095086 attaches to the quill to cut and edge the grass.Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.

Snowblower Auger Cable Clamp Spacer

This manufacturer-approved auger cable clamp spacer (part number 750-04913) is for snowblowers.Follow appropriate safety practices when installing auger cable clamp spacer 750-04913.

Generator Heat Exchanger Strap

This manufacturer-approved heat exchanger strap (part number 130-0632) is for generators.Heat exchanger strap 130-0632 holds the heat exchanger on the mounting bracket.Wait until surfaces are cool to the touch before installing this

Lawn & Garden Equipment Engine Fuel Line

This manufacturer-approved fuel line (part number 841589) is for lawn and garden equipment engines.Fuel line 841589 supplies gas from the tank to the carburetor.Drain the gas tank before starting this repair. Wear

Snowblower Planetary Ring Gear

This manufacturer-approved planetary ring gear (part number 917-1495B) is for snowblowers.Planetary ring gear 917-1495B locks and unlocks the wheel to steer the snowblower.Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this

Generator Engine Valve Seal

This manufacturer-approved engine valve seal (part number 0G84420128) is for generators.Engine valve seal 0G84420128 prevents oil from being drawn past the valve stem into cylinder.Let the engine cool before installing this part.

Lawn Tractor Transaxle Spur Gear, 15-tooth

This manufacturer-approved transaxle spur gear (part number 778346) is for lawn tractors.Transaxle spur gear 778346 is one of many gears inside the transaxle that drives the lawn tractor.Wear work gloves to protect

Lawn Mower Drive Pinion Gear

This manufacturer-approved drive pinion gear (part number 717-1761) is for lawn mowers.Drive pinion gear 717-1761 attaches to the axle and drives the lawn mower wheel.Disconnect the spark plug wire before installing this

Lawn & Garden Equipment Socket Screw

This manufacturer-approved screw (part number 192334) is for lawn and garden equipment.Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.

Generator Engine Cylinder Head Gasket

This manufacturer-approved engine cylinder head gasket (part number G13.0-A-02-JD) is for generators.Cylinder head gasket G13.0-A-02-JD attaches between the engine block and the cylinder head.Let the engine cool and disconnect the spark plug

Pressure Washer Cap

Choose this manufacturer-approved cap for your power washer.This vinyl cap serves as a protective cover for one of the welded wire brackets used to hold a hose on the handle of a

Lawn Mower Handle, Upper

This manufacturer-approved handle (part number 532166860) is for lawn mowers.Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.