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Category Archives: Home Improvement

Treadmill Walking Board

This manufacturer-approved walking board (part number H180003) is for treadmills.Lubricate the walking board H180003 with silicone belt lubricant when installing the walking board.Unplug the treadmill before starting this repair. Wear work gloves

Central Air Conditioner Air Filter

This manufacturer-approved air filter (part number MAC-2300FT) is for central air conditioners.Air filter MAC-2300FT traps dirt, dust and other airborne particles.Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual when installing this part.

Table Saw Table Insert

This manufacturer-approved table insert (part number 10K1) is for table saws.Table insert 10K1 attaches to the table and provides access to the blade.Unplug the table saw before installing this part. Wear work

Treadmill Transport Wheel

This manufacturer-approved transport wheel (part number P050002-A1) is for treadmills.Transport wheel P050002-A1 lets you move the treadmill when the treadmill is folded into an upright, storage position.Unplug the treadmill before installing this

Power Tool Battery Pack

This manufacturer-approved battery pack (part number CDT109GU-104) is for power tools.Battery pack CDT109GU-104 is the rechargeable power supply for the power tool. Replace the battery pack if it no longer holds a

O-Ring, 5-pack

This manufacturer-approved O-ring (part number STD302213) is a standard part that fits a variety of products.Follow appropriate safety practices when installing O-ring STD302213.

Power Tool Battery Charger, 9.6 to 24-volt

This manufacturer-approved battery charger (part number BDFC240) is for cordless power tools.Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual for replacing and using the charger.

Radial Arm Saw Owner’s Manual

This manufacturer-approved owner’s manual (part number SP5350) is for radial arm saws.Owner’s manual SP5350 includes use and care instructions, the manufacturer’s warranty and basic troubleshooting information.

Treadmill Deck Rail, Left

This manufacturer-approved deck rail (part number 316510) is for treadmills.Deck rail 316510 encases the side of the walking surface, protecting the belt and deck from dirt and debris.Unplug the treadmill before starting

Table Saw Blade Wrench, Large

This manufacturer-approved blade wrench (part number 969244-003) is for table saws.Blade wrench 969244-003 lets you remove or install the table saw blade.Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual when using this part.

Air Compressor Shroud, Rear

This manufacturer-approved shroud (part number A13364) is for air compressors.Shroud A13364 covers and protects the motor and compressor pump.Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing this part.

Table Saw Belt

This manufacturer-approved drive belt (part number 662329-001) is for table saws.Drive belt 662329-001 runs from the motor to the blade arbor to transfer power to turn the blade.Remove the blade from the

Needle Bearing

This manufacturer-approved needle bearing (part number STD311210) is a standard part that fits a variety of products.Follow appropriate safety practices when installing needle bearing STD311210.

Drill Press Belt

This manufacturer-approved belt (part number 41A3589-3) is for drill presses.Belt 41A3589-3 connects the motor pulley to the center pulley of the drill press.Disconnect the power before replacing this part. Wear work gloves

Drill Press Hub Assembly

This manufacturer-approved hub assembly (part number 10603704B4) is for drill presses.Hub assembly 10603704B4 connects the handle to the feed shaft that raises and lowers the chuck that holds the bits.Unplug the drill

Router Wrench

This manufacturer-approved wrench (part number 983012-001) is for routers.Wrench 983012-001 lets you remove or install the router bit.Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual when using this part.

Planer Timing Belt

This manufacturer-approved timing belt (part number 998934-002) is for planers.Timing belt 998934-002 controls the timing of the rotation of the cutter heads. Disconnect the power cord before installing this part. Wear work

Tool Chest Organizer End Cap, Right

This manufacturer-approved organizer end cap (part number M15677) is for tool chests.Organizer end cap M15677 covers and protects the corner of the tool chest organizer.Refer to the assembly instructions in your owner’s

Air Compressor Pressure Gauge, 300-PSI

This manufacturer-approved pressure gauge (part number 032-0025) is for air compressors.Pressure gauge 032-0025 indicates the amount of available air pressure.Unplug the air compressor and bleed air from the tank before installing this

Pneumatic Impact Wrench Ratchet Anvil, 1/4-in

This manufacturer-approved ratchet anvil (part number 9106542-A) is for pneumatic impact wrenches.Ratchet anvil 9106542-A spins the socket.Disconnect the air hose from the wrench before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect