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Category Archives: Home Improvement

Elliptical Leg Roller

This manufacturer-approved leg roller (part number 247228) is for ellipticals.Leg roller 247228 mounts at the bottom of the leg to allow the leg to roll smoothly across the base.Wear work gloves to

Furnace Burner Flame Sight Cover Gasket

This manufacturer-approved burner flame sight cover gasket (part number M155) is for furnaces.Burner flame sight cover gasket M155 forms a seal between the burner flame sight cover and the heat exchanger.Disconnect electrical

Coffee Maker Owner’s Manual

This manufacturer-approved owner’s manual (part number OM-80006) is for coffee makers.Owner’s manual OM-80006 includes use and care instructions, the manufacturer’s warranty and basic troubleshooting information.

Tool Chest Caster Wheel Mount

This manufacturer-approved caster wheel mount (part number GLP057445) is for tool chests.Caster wheel mount GLP057445 inserts into the tool chest leg so that you can install a caster wheel.Wear work gloves to

Air Compressor Pump

This manufacturer-approved pump (part number N076030SV) is for air compressors.Pump N076030SV pressurizes the air in the tank of the air compressor.Release the pressure from the air tank before servicing. Wear work gloves

Band Saw On/Off Switch

This manufacturer-approved on/off switch (part number 1-HY56C) is for band saws.On/off switch 1-HY56C attaches to the band saw housing and controls electrical power to the band saw.Unplug the band saw before starting

Central Air Conditioner Evaporator Coil

This manufacturer-approved evaporator coil (part number P1400U42H) is for central air conditioners.Evaporator coil P1400U42H transfers heat from the refrigerant to the air blowing across the evaporator.A service technician should do this repair

Table Saw Motor Brush Holder

This manufacturer-approved motor brush holder (part number 2610911858) is for table saws.Motor brush holder 2610911858 positions the motor brush against the armature in the motor.Unplug the table saw before starting the repair.

Circular Saw Battery Charger, 14.4-volt

This manufacturer-approved battery charger (part number 90500933) is for circular saws.Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual for replacing and using the charger.

Wet/Dry Vacuum Motor

This manufacturer-approved motor (part number 509776-18) is for wet/dry vacuums.Motor 509776-18 rotates the fan blade to create suction.Unplug the wet/dry vacuum before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

Garage Door Opener Light Socket

This manufacturer-approved light socket (part number 36043R) is for garage door openers.Light socket 36043R holds the light bulb in the motor unit, which provides light for your garage.Unplug the garage door opener

O-Ring, 2-pack

This manufacturer-approved O-ring (part number STD302216) is a standard part that fits a variety of products.Follow appropriate safety practices when installing O-ring STD302216.

Scroll Saw Blade Holder

This manufacturer-approved blade holder (part number 2B7T) is for scroll saws.Blade holder 2B7T holds the scroll saw blade in place.Unplug the saw before starting this repair. Wear work gloves to protect your

Exercise Cycle Transport Wheel

This manufacturer-approved transport wheel (part number 000-8616) is for exercise cycles.Transport wheel 000-8616 presses into the end of the front foot to roll the exercise cycle.Wear work gloves to protect your hands

Band Saw Steel Pin

This manufacturer-approved steel pin (part number 3AE04801) is for band saws.Unplug the band saw before installing this part.

Fluorescent Light Bulb, T-12, 28-in

This manufacturer-approved fluorescent light bulb (part number STD371228) is a standard part that fits a variety of products.Follow appropriate safety practices when installing light bulb STD371228.

Drill Press Chuck

This manufacturer-approved chuck (part number S34986-76) is for drill presses.Chuck S34986-76 holds the drill bit in place.Wear work gloves to protect your hands when replacing this part.

Sander Run Capacitor

This manufacturer-approved run capacitor (part number 3AA03301) is for sanders.Run capacitor 3AA03301 sends continuous electric current to the motor windings to create the magnetic field that keeps the motor running.Unplug the sander

Elliptical Wire, 400-mm

This manufacturer-approved wire (part number E010064) is for ellipticals.Wire E010064 forms part of the wire harness that connects various components to electrical circuits in the elliptical.Unplug the elliptical before installing this part.

Reciprocating Saw Pivot Shoe

This manufacturer-approved pivot shoe (part number 45-16-0645) is for reciprocating saws.Pivot shoe 45-16-0645 supports the saw against the work piece while allowing the saw to pivot.Unplug the reciprocating saw before installing this