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Category Archives: Home Improvement

Furnace Direct Spark Ignition Control Board

This manufacturer-approved direct spark ignition control board (part number PCBAG123S) is for furnaces.Direct spark ignition control board PCBAG123S controls the spark for lighting the burner flame.Shut off the electrical power supply to

Tool Chest Lock and Key

This manufacturer-approved lock and key (part number M12918SS) is for tool chests.Lock and key M12918SS includes the lock the prevents the doors and drawers from being opened and the matching key that

Miter Saw Washer

This manufacturer-approved washer (part number 141987-04) is for miter saws.Follow appropriate safety practices when installing washer 141987-04.

Table Saw Out-Feed Slide Base

This manufacturer-approved out-feed slide base (part number 0SZY) is for table saws.Out-feed slide base 0SZY houses the out-feed support rods under the saw base.Unplug the table saw before starting the repair. Wear

Craftsman Mechanics Gloves, Large (Black)

These mechanic’s black gloves (part number 47554) in size Large are machine washable and heat resistant. They feature flexible, durable synthetic palms for grip, a padded two-way stretch Spandex top for comfort,

Miter Saw Screw

This manufacturer-approved screw (part number 0U03) is for miter saws.Follow appropriate safety practices when installing screw 0U03.

Air Compressor Cylinder Sleeve and Ring Kit

This manufacturer-approved cylinder sleeve and ring kit (part number N036517) is for air compressors.Cylinder sleeve and ring kit N036517 contains parts for rebuilding a piston cylinder in the air compressor.Unplug the air

Snap Retaining Ring, 5-pack

This manufacturer-approved snap retaining ring (part number STD582062) is a standard part that fits a variety of products.Follow appropriate safety practices when installing snap retaining ring STD582062.

Radial Arm Saw Guide Fence

This manufacturer-approved guide fence (part number 976334-001) is for radial arm saws.Guide fence 976334-001 guides the work piece and prevents it from moving as you cut the work piece.Unplug the radial arm

Air Compressor Manifold

This manufacturer-approved manifold (part number N094494SV) is for air compressors.Manifold N094494SV houses the controls, gauges and hose connections.Release the pressure from the air tank before servicing. Wear work gloves to protect your

Lathe Nut

This manufacturer-approved nut (part number 537-040) is for lathes.Follow appropriate safety practices when installing nut 537-040.

Buffer/Polisher Pad

This manufacturer-approved pad (part number 41P27400) is for buffer/polishers.Pad 41P27400 sits at the base of the buffer/polisher and cushions the bonnet.Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual for installing this part.