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Category Archives: Home Electronics

Camcorder LCD Monitor Hinge

This manufacturer-approved LCD monitor hinge (part number VXD0614) is for camcorders.LCD monitor hinge VXD0614 allows the LCD monitor screen to pivot open and closed.Remove the camcorder battery before installing this part.

Television Fresnel Lens

This manufacturer-approved fresnel lens (part number 491P232010) is for televisions.Fresnel lens 491P232010 magnifies the projected images so they can be displayed on the lenticular screen. Unplug the television before installing this part.

Television Lenticular Screen

This manufacturer-approved lenticular screen (part number 491P247010) is for televisions.Lenticular screen 491P247010 attaches in front of the Fresnel lens to display the television images in 3-D when needed.Unplug the television before installing

Microwave Control Panel Button

This manufacturer-approved control panel button (part number JBTN-B122MRF0B) is for microwaves.Control panel button JBTN-B122MRF0B makes contact with a control switch when you push the button.Because high-voltage capacitors in a microwave can retain

Television Pedestal Stand Base Plate

This manufacturer-approved pedestal stand base plate (part number BN96-03016E) is for televisions.Pedestal stand base plate BN96-03016E attaches to the bottom side of the pedestal stand and provides a stronger base for the

Television Tuner Module

This manufacturer-approved complete tuner module (part number 6700AN0002C) is for some plasma televisions, including LG model 42PX4D.Follow the manufacturer’s directions when making the repair.

Television Power Control Board

This manufacturer-approved main power control board (part number 114674) is for some LCD televisions, including Proscan LCD television model 42LA45H.Components on the main power control board can carry extremely high voltages. Handle

Sound Bar Owner’s Manual

This manufacturer-approved owner’s manual (part number AFN75876622) is for sound bars.Owner’s manual AFN75876622 includes use and care instructions, the manufacturer’s warranty and basic troubleshooting information.


Choose this manufacturer-approved fan for your LCD projection TV.Television DC cooling fan. Located in main chassis of television.

Television Stand Neck

This manufacturer-approved stand neck (part number MJH62618303) is for televisions.Stand neck MJH62618303 attaches into the stand base and supports the television in an upright position on a flat surface.Unplug the television and

Television Screen Lens

This manufacturer-approved lenticular outer screen (part number 491P241020) fits over the projection surface for some DLP projection televisions, including Mitsubishi DLP projection television modelWD-65638.This is the lenticular screen only. Any other part

Television Remote Control

This manufacturer-approved remote control (part number 098GRABD7NEVZJ) is for televisions.Remote control 098GRABD7NEVZJ operates the functions of the television remotely.Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual for programming the remote control.

Television Stand Assembly

This manufacturer-approved stand assembly (part number CDAI-A867WJ31) is for televisions.Stand assembly CDAI-A867WJ31 holds and supports the television in an upright position on a flat surface.Unplug the television and follow the instructions in

Television Stand Bracket

This manufacturer-approved stand bracket (part number MJH62197902) is for televisions.Stand bracket MJH62197902 attaches the stand base to the back of the television to support the television in an upright position on a

Television Stand Base

This manufacturer-approved stand base (part number BN96-16959E) is for televisions.Stand base BN96-16959E is the lower part of the television stand, which holds and supports the television in an upright position on a

Television Power Cord

This manufacturer-approved power cord (part number K2CG3YY00029) is for televisions.If installation of the power cord requires accessing internal wiring a service technician should install the cord.

Home Theater System Remote Control

This manufacturer-approved remote control (part number AKB73775804) is for home theater systems.Remote control AKB73775804 lets you operate the home theater system from a short distance away.Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual

Projection Television Service Lamp

This manufacturer-approved lamp assembly (part number UX21516) is for some LCD projection televisions, including Hitachi model 50VF820. The lamp assembly is also called a service lamp.Follow the manufacturer’s directions when installing the

Television Signal Cable

This manufacturer-approved signal cable (part number BN39-01154W) is for televisions.Signal cable BN39-01154W provides a way to connect other audio or video components to the television.Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual for

Television Stand Guide

This manufacturer-approved stand guide (part number BN96-16779A) is for televisions.Stand guide BN96-16779A attaches to the back of the television. The stand fits up into the guide to stabilize the television.Wear work gloves