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Category Archives: Home Appliances

Refrigerator Dispenser Trim (Black)

This manufacturer-approved dispenser trim (part number WR38X23216) is for refrigerators.Dispenser trim WR38X23216 is a decorative piece that hides the gap below the control panel.Wear work gloves to protect your hands when installing

Vacuum Dust Cup Filter

This manufacturer-approved dust cup filter (part number 82982-5) is for vacuums.Dust cup filter 82982-5 removes dust and debris from air circulating over the motor.Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual when installing

Washer Door Boot Spring Clamp

This manufacturer-approved door boot spring clamp (part number W10902779) is for washers.Door boot spring clamp W10902779 holds the door boot in place.Unplug the washer before installing this part. Wear work gloves to

Range Screw

This manufacturer-approved screw (part number 5304502177) is for ranges.Follow appropriate safety practices when installing screw 5304502177.

Washer Leveling Leg

This manufacturer-approved leveling leg (part number W10862938) is for washers.Leveling leg W10862938 supports the washing machine. Adjust the height of the leveling leg to make the washer level.Unplug the washer before installing

Range Control Panel

This manufacturer-approved control panel (part number W10861503) is for ranges.Control panel W10861503 houses the selection buttons and display components for the range.Unplug the range before installing this part. Wear work gloves to

Washer Tub Support

This manufacturer-approved tub support (part number W10863713) is for washers.Tub support W10863713 provides support for the outer tub and spin basket.Unplug the washer and shut off the water supply before installing this

Refrigerator Door Handle Set (Black)

This manufacturer-approved door handle set (part number 241977903) is for refrigerators.Door handle set 241977903 includes both the refrigerator and freezer door handles.Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual when installing this part.

Dishwasher Spray Arm Nut

This manufacturer-approved spray arm nut (part number W10877037) is for dishwashers.Spray arm nut W10877037 fastens the lower spray arm to the pump housing.Unplug the dishwasher and shut off the water supply before

Refrigerator Evaporator Assembly

This manufacturer-approved evaporator assembly (part number ADL73741401) is for refrigerators.Evaporator assembly ADL73741401 is the heat exchanger that cools the refrigerator. The assembly may include multiple parts; refer to your parts diagram for

Microwave Charcoal Filter

This manufacturer-approved charcoal filter (part number W10864204) is for microwaves.Charcoal filter W10864204 removes cooking odors from air that circulates through the microwave vent.Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual when installing this

Range Regulator Supply Tube

This manufacturer-approved regulator supply tube (part number 316065006) is for ranges.Regulator supply tube 316065006 delivers the gas from the safety valve to the gas pressure regulator.Unplug the range and shut off the

Vacuum Floor Brush

This manufacturer-approved floor brush (part number 440009293) is for vacuums.Floor brush 440009293 attaches to the wand assembly and is for cleaning hard flooring such as hardwood, vinyl and tile.Follow the instructions in

Refrigerator Capacitor Screw

This manufacturer-approved capacitor screw (part number WP487240) is for refrigerators.Follow appropriate safety practices when installing capacitor screw WP487240.

Dryer Electronic Control Board

This manufacturer-approved electronic control board (part number WPW10256719R) is for dryers.Electronic control board WPW10256719R manages the functions of the dryer, such as drying time and temperature.Unplug the dryer before installing this part.

Refrigerator Temperature Control Thermostat

This manufacturer-approved temperature control thermostat (part number WP61002043) is for refrigerators.Temperature control thermostat WP61002043 regulates the temperature in the refrigerator.Unplug the refrigerator and safely store any food that could deteriorate while the

Washer Lid Hinge Bearing

This manufacturer-approved lid hinge bearing (part number WPW10052730) is for washers.Lid hinge bearing WPW10052730 reduces friction between the hinge and the washer top when the lid opens and closes.Unplug the washer before

Wall Oven Control Board

This manufacturer-approved control board (part number WP8507P322-60) is for wall ovens.Control board WP8507P322-60 manages the functions of the wall oven, such as heating and temperature.Shut off the house circuit breaker or unplug

Range Oven Control Thermostat

This manufacturer-approved oven control thermostat (part number WP74003267) is for ranges.Oven control thermostat WP74003267 turns the heat on and off to maintain the oven temperature you set.Unplug the range or shut off

Washer Timer

This manufacturer-approved timer (part number WP22001530) is for washers.Timer WP22001530 controls the length of the different parts of the wash cycle, such as filling, soaking, washing, spinning and rinsing.Unplug the washer before