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Category Archives: Home Appliances

Touch-Up Paint

Choose this manufacturer-approved touch-up paint for your residential laundry.Use this touch-up paint to repair any minor damage to your washer or dryer’s paint job.The touch-up paint is Cashmere in color.

Water Softener Power Transformer

This manufacturer-approved power transformer (part number 7275907) is for water softeners.Power transformer 7275907 connects the water softener to the electrical outlet.Unplug the water softener before servicing. Wear work gloves to protect your

Refrigerator Butter Storage Tray

This manufacturer-approved butter storage tray (part number 67006229A) is for refrigerators.Butter storage tray 67006229A is a removable dish that holds stick butter or margarine.Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual when replacing

Dishwasher Control Panel and Overlay

This manufacturer-approved control panel and overlay (part number 00770197) is for dishwashers.Control panel and overlay 00770197 houses the control components for the dishwasher, and comes with the active overlay that covers and

Range Control Panel Vent Cover

Choose this manufacturer-approved control panel vent cover for your electric oven. Use this control panel vent cover for a built-in electric oven to replace a damaged or missing cover.

Dryer Gas Valve Assembly

This manufacturer-approved gas valve assembly (part number 5303207409) is for dryers.Gas valve assembly 5303207409 controls the flow of gas to the burner assembly.Unplug the dryer and shut off the gas supply before

Carpet Cleaner Base Squeegee

This manufacturer-approved base squeegee (part number 440001358) is for carpet cleaners.Base squeegee 440001358 fastens to the base assembly to direct water towards the suction area.Unplug the carpet cleaner before installing this part.

Range Surface Grate

This manufacturer-approved surface grate (part number WB31K10115) is for ranges.Surface grate WB31K10115 provides a stable cooking surface for cooking containers on the surface burner.Wait until the surface is cool to the touch

Carpet Cleaner Solution Tank

This manufacturer-approved solution tank (part number 440007358) is for carpet cleaners.Solution tank 440007358 holds the detergent that mixes with clean water.Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual when installing this part.

Dishwasher Wiring Harness

This manufacturer-approved wiring harness (part number 8557794) is for dishwashers, including Kenmore dishwasher model 66516052400.Wiring harness 8557794 connects the dishwasher’s electrical components to circuits.Unplug the dishwasher or shut off the house circuit

Dishwasher Door Outer Panel (Black)

This manufacturer-approved door outer panel (part number 154828803) is for dishwashers.Door outer panel 154828803 protects the wiring and components inside the dishwasher door and provides a decorative finish for the front of

Range Oven Door Switch

This manufacturer-approved oven door switch (part number 316209903) is for ranges.Oven door switch 316209903 shuts the oven light off when you close the oven door.Unplug the range or shut off the house

Water Heater Thermostat

This manufacturer-approved thermostat (part number 9001954015) is for water heaters.Thermostat 9001954015 monitors the water temperature and turns the heating element on and off.Unplug the water heater before installing this part. Wear work

Washer Agitator Support Assembly

Choose this manufacturer-approved agitator support assembly for your washer.This assembly replaces the worn or damaged support for your washer’s agitator.To replace your washer’s agitator support, remove its agitator and support. Rest the