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Category Archives: Home Appliances

Vacuum Power Head Assembly

This manufacturer-approved power head assembly (part number KC50XDDUZC0D) is for vacuums.Power head assembly KC50XDDUZC0D houses the brush assembly and connects to the extension wand of the vacuum.Unplug the vacuum before installing this

Refrigerator Door Bin Assembly

This manufacturer-approved door bin assembly (part number 5005JA1016D) is for refrigerators.Door bin assembly 5005JA1016D attaches to the inside of the refrigerator door to hold jars and bottles. The assembly may include multiple

Vacuum PowerMate Front Axle

This manufacturer-approved PowerMate front axle (part number KS744029) is for vacuums.PowerMate front axle KS744029 is at the bottom front of the PowerMate unit, and includes a roller at each end to help

Vacuum Beater Bar Motor Circuit Board

This manufacturer-approved beater bar motor circuit board (part number KC85VDDVZ000) is for vacuums.Beater bar motor circuit board KC85VDDVZ000 controls the beater bar motor based on signals from the control board in the

Vacuum Cord Reel Contact Disk and Power Cord

This manufacturer-approved cord reel contact disk and power cord (part number 4370695) is for vacuums.Cord reel contact disk and power cord 4370695 connects the vacuum to your home’s electrical power outlet and


This manufacturer-approved brush release button (part number KC13DDMRZMUH) is for vacuums.Brush release button KC13DDMRZMUH disconnects the brush attachment from the handle assembly.Unplug the vacuum before installing this part. Wear work gloves to

Vacuum Bag, 2-pack

This manufacturer-approved bag (part number 50690) is for vacuums.Bag 50690 holds the dust and dirt the vacuum collects.Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual when installing this part.

Vacuum PowerMate Jr. Beater Bar

This manufacturer-approved PowerMate Jr. beater bar (part number 8192013) is for vacuums.PowerMate Jr. beater bar 8192013 rotates to loosen dirt and debris so it’s drawn into the vacuum.Follow the instructions in your

Dryer Drive Motor

This manufacturer-approved drive motor (part number DC93-00101N) is for dryers.Drive motor DC93-00101N turns the drive belt that spins the dryer drum.Unplug the dryer before replacing this part. Wear work gloves to protect

Range Oven Convection Fan Motor

This manufacturer-approved oven convection fan motor (part number DG96-00110E) is for ranges.Oven convection fan motor DG96-00110E spins the fan blade to circulate hot air through the oven for even heating.Unplug the range

Vacuum Floor Nozzle Support

This manufacturer-approved floor nozzle support (part number KC78PDKNZV0X) is for vacuums.Floor nozzle support KC78PDKNZV0X connects the floor nozzle swivel to the lower wand.Unplug the vacuum before installing this part. Wear work gloves

Vacuum Hose Handle Circuit Board

This manufacturer-approved hose handle circuit board (part number KC87GDKNZ000) is for vacuums.Hose handle circuit board KC87GDKNZ000 controls the beater brush motor and sends signals to the canister control board to control the

Refrigerator Freezer Drawer

This manufacturer-approved freezer drawer (part number DA97-12641C) is for refrigerators.Freezer drawer DA97-12641C makes it easier to organize food in the refrigerator freezer.Follow the instructions in the owner’s manual when installing this part.

Vacuum PowerMate Swivel Seal

This manufacturer-approved PowerMate swivel seal (part number KS742019) is for vacuums.PowerMate swivel seal KS742019 prevents air from leaking through the swivel, which could cause a loss of suction in the PowerMate.Unplug the

Vacuum Tool Storage Cover

This manufacturer-approved tool storage cover (part number KC74PDKMZRUW) is for vacuums.Tool storage cover KC74PDKMZRUW fits over the top of the tool storage compartment of the vacuum.Follow the instructions in your owner’s manual

Vacuum Lift-Off Floor Brush Base Contact

This manufacturer-approved lift-off floor brush base contact (part number KC19NDENZV04) is for vacuums.Lift-off floor brush base contact KC19NDENZV04 connects power to the bottom brush nozzle when the lift-off floor brush is in

Vacuum Wand Sliding Knob Spring

This manufacturer-approved wand sliding knob spring (part number KC65DASMZ000) is for vacuums.Wand sliding knob spring KC65DASMZ000 holds the sliding knob in position on the wand.Unplug the vacuum before installing this part. Wear

Vacuum PowerMate Swivel

This manufacturer-approved PowerMate swivel (part number KS4153196) is for vacuums.PowerMate swivel KS4153196 connects the PowerMate to the vacuum hose.Unplug the vacuum before installing this part. Wear work gloves to protect your hands.

Vacuum Combination Brush

This manufacturer-approved combination brush (part number 8192260) is for vacuums.Combination brush 8192260 attaches to the vacuum hose or wand. It can be used without the removable dust brush bristles.Follow the instructions in

Vacuum Wand Flat Cable

This manufacturer-approved wand flat cable (part number KC65VDKNZ000) is for vacuums.Wand flat cable KC65VDKNZ000 connects the wand to electrical circuits in the vacuum.Unplug the vacuum before installing this part. Wear work gloves