Burner Valve


This part fits the following models and brands:Kenmore gas range:66575775890, 66575775891, 66575776890, 66575776891, 66575779890, 66575779891Whirlpool gas range:GS395LEGB0, GS395LEGB1, GS395LEGB3, GS395LEGB4, GS395LEGQ0, GS395LEGQ1, GS395LEGQ3, GS395LEGT3, GS395LEGT4, GS395LEGZ0, GS395LEGZ1, GS395LEGZ3, GS395LEGZ4, GS395LEHS0, GS395LEHS4, SF195LEHQ0, SF195LEHZ0, SF315PEGN0, SF315PEGN1, SF315PEGQ0, SF315PEGQ1SF315PEGW0, SF315PEGW1, SF325PEGN0, SF325PEGN1, SF325PEGN4, SF325PEGQ0, SF325PEGQ1, SF325PEGW0, SF325PEGW1, SF325PEGW4, SF325PEGZ0, SF325PEGZ1, SF325PEGZ4, SF365PEGN0, SF365PEGN1, SF365PEGQ0, SF365PEGQ1, SF365PEGW0SF365PEGW1, SF367LEHN0, SF367LEHW0, SF370LEGN0, SF370LEGN1, SF370LEGW0, SF370LEGW1, SF370PEGQ0, SF370PEGQ1, SF370PEGZ0, SF370PEGZ1, SF377PEGB0, SF377PEGB1, SF377PEGN0, SF377PEGN1, SF377PEGQ0, SF377PEGQ1, SF377PEGW0SF377PEGW1, SF377PEGZ0, SF377PEGZ1, SF385PEGB0, SF385PEGB1, SF385PEGB3, SF385PEGB4, SF385PEGN0, SF385PEGN1, SF385PEGN3, SF385PEGN4, SF385PEGQ0, SF385PEGQ1, SF385PEGQ3, SF385PEGQ4, SF385PEGW0, SF385PEGW1, SF385PEGW3SF385PEGW4, SF385PEGZ0, SF385PEGZ1, SF385PEGZ3, SF385PEGZ4, SF387LEGN0, SF387LEGN1, SF387LEGN3, SF387LEGN4, SF387LEGQ0, SF387LEGQ1, SF387LEGQ3, SF387LEGW0, SF387LEGW1, SF387LEGW3, SF387LEGW4, SF387LEGZ0, SGS375HQ0, SP385PEGN3

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